Denver, Colorado Employment Law and Criminal Defense Attorney

Practicing law longer than you would believe possible

My name is John W. McKendree. I became an attorney when I was 28 years old. I will be 75 this coming August. I have been practicing law for a long time. Longer than the other attorneys. Longer than the prosecutors. Longer than the judges.

In fact, I recently appeared before one judge who said, "I thought you were dead!"

I'm alive and kicking

I was pleased to tell him that I am very much alive. I am enthusiastic. I am aggressive. I go the distance to right wrongs and protect my clients.

I'm selective, too

At my age, with the experience and interpersonal relationships that I have cultivated over the years, I must make the best use of my time. Thus, I am selective in the cases I accept. I take on complex cases, often those referred to me by less experienced attorneys. I accept cases where grievous wrongs have been done, false accusations have been charged and other cases that merit my level of experience.

My areas of practice

I represent clients in the following types of cases:

I also serve as a mediator and arbitrator to resolve disputes as a professional neutral. Additionally, I provide consultation to other attorneys who have complex litigation cases, including advising about legal strategy and federal court procedures

Let's discuss your case

To find out how I can help you, please call me at 303-618-8780 or contact me online. Located in Denver, Colorado, my practice regularly assists clients in the Denver metropolitan area, including Aurora, Thornton, Brighton and surrounding areas.